GHP Doctors Receive Coronavirus Vaccinations

As patient-facing healthcare providers, our physicians at Gastroenterology Health Partners have been working hard to safely treat patients during the coronavirus pandemic. From requiring masks and social distancing to limiting guests and thoroughly sanitizing treatment and waiting rooms, everyone at GHP has been a part of this effort.

We have been able to add another tool to our public health toolkit- COVID-19 vaccinations. The vaccine has been made available to our entire team so that our patients and personnel are kept safe with yet an additional layer of protection.  By close of business on Friday January 8, 2021, all of our physicians and clinicians (including our APCs) will have received vaccinations for COVID-19.

GHP’s Dr. Matthew McCollough receives his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccines that have been approved for use in the United States have all proven to be extremely effective in preventing COVID-19. Vaccines are a key part of ending this pandemic. With vaccines to bolster immune response and other measures like social distancing and mask-wearing, we have the ability to end the pandemic together.

When our physicians get vaccinated, not only do they protect themselves from COVID-19, they also protect their colleagues and the patients they serve. Gastroenterology Health Partners is proud that our doctors are prioritizing public health by getting their vaccinations and creating a safer environment for the crucial healthcare services they provide. We are fully positioned to provide our patients with the safest care possible in a pandemic.

Our experienced team at Gastro Health Partners continues to safely provide care for our patients during the coronavirus pandemic. We can help establish the best plan of care for your situation. Visit us online at to learn about the options we offer and schedule an appointment today.