Detect the Undetected

GI Genius ™ intelligent endoscopy module.
Powered by artificial intelligence to help you detect early, treat early.

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module:

  • Detects automatically in real time
  • Detects colorectal polyps of all shapes and sizes
  • Compatible with all major brands of endoscopic equipment
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing workflow

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module’s AI enhances your ability to detect colorectal cancer. And the difference can add up:

Each 1% increase in ADR decreases patients’ risk of CRC by 3%.2

A recently released randomized trial found computer-aided polyp detection (CADe) increases adenoma detection rates (ADR) versus highdefinition (HD) colonoscopy alone. The trial, using colonoscopies performed by expert endoscopists in three Italian centers, found that CADe and HD together delivered a:

  • 14% absolute increase in ADR
  • 30% relative increase in ADR
  • 46% relative increase APC
  • 50% greater likelihood to detect multiple polyps
  • 53% more likely to detect polyps in the distal colon
  • 28% more likely to detect polyps in the proximal colon
  • And found no differences in withdrawal times, caecal intubations, and false positive rates