Colorectal Cancer Disparities and the Importance of Screenings

Did you know? There are significant disparities around colorectal cancer screenings and disease outcomes based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more. For example, in the United States Black and Hispanic people are less likely to get prompt follow up after an abnormal screening results. They are also more likely to be diagnosed with late stage cancer. Additionally, American Indian and Alaska Native people are the only groups where colorectal cancer death rates aren’t declining. You can read our blog post on disparities in colorectal cancer here to learn more about these disparities and the importance of screenings.

Gastro Health Partners strongly believes in early and regular screenings, starting at age 45. Our experienced team at GHP has years of experience screening for colorectal cancer. We can help establish the best plan of care for your situation. Contact any of our office locations to learn about the options we offer and schedule an appointment today.